“Vermisst in Benin” is an artistic intervention that seeks to accelerate and actualize the narrative around the reparation of the Benin artefacts currently in possession of the Museum für Völkerkunde Dresden. The reparation dialogue to date has been ineffective in returning the artefacts to their original home of Benin, Nigeria. I created the “Vermisst in Benin” intervention out of a sense of impatience and necessity, aiming to frame the stagnant and abstract discourse surrounding colonial reparations with the urgency and gravity of a public service announcement.

– Emeka Ogboh

Letter from Nigeria

Nigeria’s ambassador to Germany wrote a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel demanding Germany send its Benin Bronzes back.

Poster Locations

A comprehensive listing of the Vermisst in Benin posters in the city of Dresden.


Annotated timeline of the Benin Bronzes since 1897 to present date.

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Latest News

Current news and information on the project and other related matters.

Poster Locations