Relief plate: Europeans (Portuguese) surrounded by five manillas

Physical Chareteristics
The relief plate is part of the cultural and artistic heritage of the presumably 800-year-old Kingdom of Benin. The kingdom, which is located in what is now southwestern Nigeria, was conquered by the British in 1897 and the courtly works of art came to Europe as spoils of war. Bronze relief panels covered the pillars of Oba’s palace in Benin City. The panels show aspects of court life and bear witness to the history of the kingdom. The relief plate shows the stylized image of a European in combination with five manilla rings surrounding him. The European is characterized by his characteristic long straight hair, his full beard, helmet with plume, pleated skirt, the buttoned doublet and his boots. In his right hand he holds a skewer with his left on the hilt of the sword, which is attached to his belt. The background of the plate is provided with floral ornamentation.


Material: Brass


Dimensions: 46 x 32.5 x 5.5 cm, 4800 g