Ceremonial sword (even)

Physical Chareteristics
The ceremonial sword (even) is part of the cultural and artistic heritage of the presumably 800-year-old kingdom of Benin. Eben swords are made to this day and are in the personal possession of many dignitaries who use them to honor the king and ancestors. This ceremonial sword consists of an iron blade and a curved handle made of bronze. On the sheet there are ornate fittings in the form of stylized leopards and swords. The ceremonial sword was used in special court ceremonies – dignitaries used the sword as a sign of their loyalty to the king and his ancestors. But the Oba himself danced with such a sword at the ancestral ceremonies. Outside of ceremonies, the sword was kept on the ancestral altars in the royal palace.


Material: Brass


Dimensions: 116 x 26.5 cm