Commemorative head in Udo style

Physical Chareteristics
The head sculpture is part of the cultural and artistic heritage of the 800-year-old Kingdom of Benin, which was located in what is now southwestern Nigeria. To this day, the Kingdom of Benin and its cultural heritage play an important role in Nigeria on a political and spiritual level. After the British conquest in 1897, the courtly works of art came to Europe as spoils of war. The bronze head sculpture shows a female figure, whose hair is cut into several layers of rings. In addition, two braids run behind her ears, which are finished with a coral bead. There are two scarifications on the face above the eyes. Her pearl collar extends from the plinth to the woman’s chin. The sculpture is assigned to a workshop in Udo, a neighboring city of Benin City.


Material: Bronze casting, lost wax casting


Dimensions: 23 cm