Relief plate: two high dignitaries

Physical Chareteristics
The relief plate is part of the cultural and artistic heritage of the presumably 800-year-old Kingdom of Benin. The kingdom, which is located in what is now southwestern Nigeria, was conquered by the British in 1897 and the courtly works of art came to Europe as spoils of war. Bronze relief panels covered the pillars of Oba’s palace in Benin City. The panels show aspects of court life and bear witness to the history of the kingdom. Two warriors who look alike are depicted. They hold the ceremonial sword in their raised right hand. Her body jewellery is made up of a string of coral pearls that lies over the upper body, a chain of leopard teeth, anklets made of coral and metal bracelets. Both of them wear a wide ornate belt that is tied in a bow on the left side of the hip and the knot is covered with the face of a leopard. The background of the plate is adorned with floral ornaments.


Material: Brass


Dimensions: 49 x 36.5 x 9 cm